39 Names

This print depicts the 39 books of the Bible.
The two Hebrew letters Lamed ל and are טnumerically equal 39.
The colors of the letters change slightly to match the number of the books
in each section in the Bible.
Lamed Tet ט ל
TORAH – 5 Books

First prophets- 6 books
Last prophets – 15 books

Writings – 13 books
The Tzizit has a total of 39 knots and windings. This is the number of the
books of the Bible.
The letters are ascending upward to signify that the more we learn, the
more wisdom we’ll gain.
In the background are names of some of the books in Hebrew
The hand-knotted Tzizit connects it all.

39 Names of the Torah Giclee Print - 39 Names Print