Birkat Hakohanim - (The Priestly Blessing)

At the time of the Temple, the Big Kohen (the High Priest) used to bless the Jewish people twice a day. 
The Priestly blessing is featured on this print as a code. The coded blessing is in Hebrew and therefore it’s to be read from top right to left.
The first 9 letters are represented with circles
And so forth until the ninth letter Tet .

The tenth letter is Yod = 10, for the next 9 letters we change the symbol to
ellipse.The last 4 letters are represented as squares
For example, the first word in the blessing is יברכך
Which will look (remember we are starting from right to left).
G-d’s name is written in the Hebrew letters (no symbols) י ה ו ה 

The Priestly Blessing Print - Birkat Hakohanim Giclee Print