Women's Tallit in New York City

Prayer Shawls in New York City, NY

Pardes Designs is proud to offer 100% Kosher Tallits to the public! When you garb yourself with this Tallit, you connect your roots, history and the present time on a physical and spiritual level.

We offer several different colors and styles of prayer shawls, each depicting different parts of the Torah. Current styles available include 39 Names, 54 Portions of the Torah, Fringes of Life and 613 Mitzvot. All Tallits come with a matching bag and the Tzizit (the fringes on each corner of the Tallit) are knotted according to Halacha (Jewish law). 

This Tallit would be the perfect gift for yourself, friend or family member!

Women's Tallit in New York City - Jewish Prayer Shawl in NYC - Kosher Tallit in NYC