Fringes of Life


This design is symbolic of the threads on the four corners of the Tallit.

It is called Tzizit. Each is knotted in a specific way. It is these fringes that transform the shawl from a mere garment into a Tallit.

One of the threads in each Tziziit is longer than the  others. It is this thread that is wound in the four spaces between the five knots. There are 7, 8, 11, and 13 windings.

The first three numbers equal 26 - the numerical value of the Hebrew word for G-d, consisting of the four letters   Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh.

transliterated usually as YHVH, pronounced as Adonai. 

The remaining 13 windings equals the numerical value of the Hebrew word Ehad (“one”). Adonai Echad– The last words of the Shema ״שמע״ stating

                    G-d is One  




  • Each Tallit comes as a set with a matching bag.



  • This Tallit has the feel of a luxurious Shantung silk on one side, and a velvety, smooth satin feeling on the other side made of shantung satin poly. The designs on the Tallit are appliquéd on the main shawl.

  • The satin side is the inner part of the garment. It’s like the “Or Ganuz” - hidden light. That is a sacred and spiritual light hidden from all. The satin side is like the hidden light engulfing only you all over. When you garb yourself and bless on the Tallit and also through the movement of your body while wearing it, some of the shiny side will be glimpsed . It’s like sparks from your own the hidden light,

  • The Tzizit is Kosher, and knotted according to Halacha (Jewish law).  


  • Dry clean only



Designed in Hawaii * Made in USA (imported fabric) * Kosher Tzizit , Made in Israel


Fringes of Life Tallit - Kosher Prayer Shawl